Tottenham beat Shkendija 3-1 in the penultimate stage before the Europa League group stage. The London team took the lead, but it was a draw. Son and Kane scored and secured the qualification for the playoffs when Tottenham will face Israel’s Maccabi Haifa.

Lamela opened the scoring just after 5 minutes with a low kick. With the advantage, Tottenham dictated the pace of the game and took his foot off the accelerator. Shkendija came back eagerly for the break and equaled with Naflu, who did not let goalkeeper Joe Hart’s debut pass by.

The draw caused coach José Mourinho to increase his attack strength. Lucas, Harry Kane, and Lo Celso entered and expanded the movement. Son took advantage of the rebound, sent a beautiful shot in the angle, and put Tottenham in front again. Kane closed the bill with a header.