Gareth Bale’s return to Tottenham could bring the London club, according to the player’s agent, “very close” to the Premier League title. According to Jonathan Barnett, who gave an interview to Sky Sports, the departure of Real Madrid left the athlete happier and more excited about the future, since he was going through “difficult times” in the Spanish capital. He believes the new Bale club should go a long way this season.

“Tottenham has a good squad, a great coach and with the help of Gareth, I’m sure they will come very close [to win the English title]. Just look at last week’s results to see that it is open,” said Barnett, recalling the defeat of José Mourinho’s team over Manchester United.

Injured, Bale has not yet debuted with the Tottenham shirt but is constantly looking forward to entering the field on his social networks. “The most important thing is that Bale has a smile on his face and that he is enjoying life. He would not go anywhere with Real Madrid. We reached an impasse and some stupid things were happening on both sides,” said the agent to site.