It took Mauricio Pochettino five years to build an amazing legacy at Tottenham but it was wiped out in the matter of a few days by chairman Daniel Levy. The decision to sack Pochettino came out of the blue. Even more surprising was the decision to appoint Jose Mourinho as his successor.

Yes, Pochettino never managed to win a major trophy at Spurs, but he took the club to a Champions League final against all the odds. If not for an impressive Liverpool team, Spurs would be only the second team from London with this title in the cabinet. The scale of this achievement is even bigger when you consider the amount of money Spurs have spent in the last five years.

A large part of the recent success achieved by Spurs has been down to the local talent. Boys like Dele Alli and Harry Kane have grown into mature men who are capable of winning games on their own. Talents like Christian Eriksen have bloomed into complete midfielders. All the good work done by the academy could be wiped out by Mourinho. Here is a manager who is polar opposite to everything Spurs have stood by in recent years.

Make no mistake, Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in the history of the game. He has won major trophies in different countries with different clubs. It would be foolish to question the reputation of this man. Yet, he has always been the go-to guy for clubs with large budgets who are looking for instant success. Even that reputation took a hit when he struggled to make an impact at Manchester United despite record spends. One must also not forget the way he was forced out of United – falling out with the media, players, and the board. Sadly, it has been a pattern wherever Mourinho has gone and things are unlikely to improve in just one job.

Mourinho also has to work with one of the most prudent chairman’s in the world – Daniel Levy. Even though Levy has not brought titles to the club, he has made us incredibly successful on the pitch. The record-breaking profits, an iconic stadium, and a stream of young talent will speak volumes about his achievements as a man who runs the club. There are few clubs in the world capable of boasting a better financial status than Spurs at this moment. Yet, it is shocking that he has decided to go for Mourinho, who has a habit of trying to shift the blame when the going gets tough.

The first signs of friction between Pochettino and Levy started towards the end of last season when the former started complaining about a lack of transfer activity. It may not be long before Mourinho comes up with similar complaints, even if he has promised to keep the ‘passion’ and ‘youth development’ going.

Even though there are several reasons to be pessimistic about this marriage, Mourinho has the potential and talent to at least bring short-term success to the club. No fan will be complaining if he gets us to one or two silverware in the next two years.