Tottenham got scared but managed to qualify in their first duel in the knockout stage of the previous round of the Europa League. This Thursday, away from home, the team led by José Mourinho sought a turnaround after 35 minutes of the second half and beat Bulgaria’s Lokomotiv Plovdiv 2-1.

The Bulgarians took the lead in the 26th minute of the final stage with Minchev, but soon afterward they had two players sent off – Karageren and Almeida. Tottenham evened with Kane, taking a penalty at 35, and turned with Ndombele, at 40, after assistance from Lucas Moura – both left the bench.

In the next phase, the Spurs will face Shkendija, from Macedonia. The eliminatory duels of the competition are played in single matches, defined by draw by UEFA. Tottenham, who lost 1-0 to Everton in their Premier League debut, return to the field this Sunday against Southampton.