The Premier League, as of last Tuesday, authorized the realization of activities, after an agreement made with the UK government and all participants had approved the measure. The first activity on Wednesday was organized with Liverpool, the leader of the English Premier League and holder of the Champions League and World Club Championship titles.

The Reds realized the training with the players dividing into small groups. Chelsea, Newcastle and West Ham started training this week as well. In addition to Liverpool, Manchester United has also started work by taking similar precautions.

Tottenham, meanwhile, is investigating Ivorian right-back Serge Aurier for an alleged recurrence in leaving the imposed confinement to prevent contagion of the new coronavirus before the resumption of competition.

Aurier posted a photo on social media showing the new haircut, which would have been done before the London team returned to training. As hairdressing salons and barber shops are closed on British territory, as Aurier could have been cut by someone else outside the home, he could be accused of breaching the confinement rules.

Before that, the Ivorian had already left the confinement to train with companions in a London park, accompanied by the Portuguese coach José Mourinho. The club scolded the group and everyone had to publicly apologize.