The good phase of Tottenham in recent years has passed a lot by the top scorer Harry Kane. Due to the great numbers of the striker, other giant clubs in Europe probe the English, and one of these teams is the powerful Real Madrid. However, for an old Spurts idol, Harry Kane must stay in London.

In an interview with the newspaper As, Peter Crouch, revealed by Tottenham and who played in the World Cup for England, sent a message to Kane and said that it would be much more significant for the striker to win a title for the Spurs than one for Real Madrid. “If you win something with Tottenham, it will mean 10 times more than going to Real Madrid and winning something”, he started by saying.

“Sometimes the grass is not always green. He is a top football player and deserves the best, so no one can blame him if he wants to go, but I feel that if he has a chance to win something with the Spurs, it would mean much more than, for example, winning a league in another country. On the other hand, at Tottenham, if he won something they would build a statue for him, right?”, he added.